"Lest we Forget our Brothers........"

Date of DeathNameCause of Death and Date In Country
03-05-1966Jimenez, Antonio
09-20-1966Dombroski, LarryAuto Accident
04-27-1968Fuss, Robert E.
09-20-1968Jones, Edward C.KIA'd 2nd Tour
09-15-1988McGuire, James V.
00-00-1971Le Blance, Joheph H.Fell off Firetruck
00-00-1971Mullen, Michael G.Auto accident
10-15-1972Partsan, Michael AnthonyMotorcycle accident
11-15-1972Hannula, Mark
05-15-1975Wills, Edwin
07-10-1975Hingston, Clifford L.Auto accident
02-24-1979Steilen, Charles F.Snow mobile accident
08-07-1979Leslie, Sammy R.
01-12-1980Beaty, Guy
08-24-1980Reyenger, Ronald
00-00-1985Lienau, Leroy
03-06-1985Eisenman, Errol Edward
02-14-1987Thibodeaux, Donald
08-29-1987Talola, Selusi
00-00-1987Chavez, Joe B.Auto accident
00-00-1988Romeo, Joseph F.
02-11-1989Bates, Clifford L.
07-13-1989Haynes, French L.
10-30-1990Cuellar, LarryRenal failure
07-16-1991Webber, George W.
10-25-1991Gomez, Dave 65-66Cancer *AGENT ORANGE* "Ten Bears"
00-00-1991Kuetter, Darrell L.
00-00-1991Shorthill, RogerAuto accident
03-11-1992Westerburg, Louis E.Non hodgins lymphoma Cancer *AGENT ORANGE*
12-30-1992Walters, Jack 66-67Cancer *AGENT ORANGE*
11-24-1993Lust III, Richard W.Cancer *AGENT ORANGE*
07-09-1993Moyer, Arthur C.Heart attack
08-09-1994Morgan, Dennis J.Cancer *AGENT ORANGE*
10-28-1994Cowan, Gary G.Pneumonia complications
10-11-1994Johnson, RickHeart attack
01-25-1995Parvin, Anthony L.Liver failure
00-00-1995O'Keefe, DonaldWIA 31 Dec 1968
08-10-1995Tautsumi, Ernest
01-01-1995Everhart, JerryCancer *AGENT ORANGE* In country 66-67
06-15-1996Camacho Jr, AntonioBoating accident
06-12-1996Kimbrell, WilliamCancer *AGENT ORANGE* In country 66-67
06-13-1996Clifton, Nathaniel JR.
03-21-1997Peterson, Eric
11-21-1998Elliot, James (Jim)Heart attack
03-31-1999Krafcigs, William (Bill)Cancer *AGENT ORANGE* In country 66-67
05-29-1999Warner, DavidChoked on food
09-25-1999Speights, Henry
10-12-1999Thacker, Robert G.
11-28-1999Fortuna, Stefano (Steve)Heart attack
12-17-1999Murphy, Terry
01-15-2000Rogers, Harold
04-24-2000Nelis, JoelCerebral aneurysm BnTRO In country 66-67 WIA
05-25-2000Gillis, Robert T.
08-15-2000Trenkle, Phillip P.
11-00-2000Hudson, AlonzoMassive heart attack
08-18-2001Capozzoli, OrlandoDied of wounds (complications of leg wound) In country 65-66
12-00-2001Lynn, RobertCancer *Agent Orange*
08-13-2002Oxley, WilliamCancer colon/diabetes *AGENT ORANGE*
08-14-2002Dobson, Charles F.Cancer Lung *AGENT ORANGE* In country 66-67
09-24-2002Cunningham, DannyCancer *AGENT ORANGE* In country 66-67
12-17-2002McCrosson, Eugene (Mac)Cancer *AGENT ORANGE* In country 67-68
01-20-2003Love, Richard 65-66
03-28-2003Kinney, William M.
06-07-2003Neal, Larry "Wimpy"Cancer *AGENT ORANGE* In country 64-67
08-18-2003French, William C. Jr.
08-31-2003Bolton, ConlasIn country 65-66
02-23-2004Bussey, Walter E.Respiratory Failure Cancer *Agent Orange* In country 65-66
03-18-2004Middleton, William
05-09-2004Hare, Eugene (Butch) Heart Attack In country 68-69
07-26-2004Cooper, Floyd
10-07-2004Dolquist, Tim
10-10-2004Smith, Willie
12-14-2004Cahill, JamesCancer *Agent Orange*
01-17-2005Phillips, DonCancer *Agent Orange*
02-06-2005Tierney, Mark F.Cancer colon/liver *AGENT ORANGE*
02-25-2005Burton, Roy C.
03-02-2005Royer, Daniel
11-01-2005Richards, Jack Cancer *Agent Orange*
00-00-0000Carter, Michael N.
00-00-0000Keel, William J.In country 69-70
00-00-0000Kloss, Owen J.
00-00-0000Campbell, OscarIn country 66-67
00-00-0000Matthews, James (Jim)In country 66-67
04-12-2006Wright, Jesse L.
05-04-2006Schindo, JohnLung cancer *Agent Orange* XX-XX
05-16-2006Braunsworth, ThomasCancer *Agent Orange*
08-00-2006Scholapner, JohnXX-XX
09-11-2006Szabo, Anthony W.
06-27-2007Lowery, EugeneCancer *Agent Orange*
07-30-2007Pearson, Carlton
10-14-2007Wilson, James N.
01-02-2008Kincaid, (DOC) Herman
01-27-2008Tiger, Harold
09-27-2008Weaver, Robert F.
03-03-2009Finn, John M.
04-08-2009Schmidt, Edward Allen
05-05-2009Quinn, Maj Gen Frank
10-08-2009Alley, Robert
05-08-2009Frisby, Larry XX-XX
09-01-2009Nelson, Robert E.
01-27-2010Page, "DOC"Heart Attack at 61 years old In country 69-71
01-17-2010Uriate, Gilbert
04-22-2010Steiner, DavidCancer *Agent Orange*
07-26-2010Recio, Alfredo
12-16-2010Hardwick, WilliamBRONZE STAR
01-07-2011McKindra, Benjamin
01-24-2011Dart, LeeHeart Attack
03-09-2011Zeratsky, Joe
04-16-2011Thornell Sr, Robert
07-05-2011Vutera, Donald
10-28-2011Bernard, James A. Jr
02-03-2012Ward, George R. Jr.
03-27-2012Bittner, James R.
04-25-2012Leyendecker, Barry Wayne
05-16-2012Widdifield, Alfred R
05-16-2012Millham, Michael
05-14-2016Weimar, Kurt. Complications from *Agent Orange* In country 65-66
06-20-2016Stanat, Christopher CPT.Heart Attack prior to surgery for a spinal injury. In country 69-70
08-15-2017Smiley, TomIn country 65-66
01-02-2018Jacobazzi, Joseph P. Investigating causes In country 67-68